Stainless Steel ECL - SanStar Sanitary Mixer
SPX Flow Lightnin
SPX Flow Lightnin

Stainless Steel ECL - SanStar Sanitary Mixer

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A portable mixer designed for sanitary applications. The LIGHTNIN Stainless Steel Enhanced classic Line (ECL) portable mixer fills the need for a non-painted version of the original ECL.

This stainless steel version includes all the features and benefits of the original ECL but has been designed specifically for clean applications such as food and pharmaceutical industries.


  • Rigid coupling shaft attachment with male/female pilot to ensure shaft concentricity and minimize shaft run out
  • Optional speed sensor provides the capability to monitor output speed (NEMA1)
  • Available in 1725 (1:1), 350 (5:1), and 280 (6:1) output
  • Variable speed capability with optional VFD
  • Standard electric motors are 304 SS, wash down, inverter duty design. Options include Stainless Motors Inc. pharmaceutical design motors and options for 575 V selections.
  • Fractional through 3 HP (max)
  • Optional Stainless Steel Air Motor - variable speed air motors are safe for explosive environments. They are supplied with a built in speed adjustment air control valve and non-metallic muffler.
  • Finite Element Analysis was employed to design a heavy-duty, high strength clamp assembly.
  • Index allows repeatable position