S-Series - Nettco Mixer
SPX Flow Lightnin
SPX Flow Lightnin

S-Series - Nettco Mixer

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Sanitary Stainless Steel Portable and Fixed Mount Mixers Available in a wide range of mixing and mounting configurations utilizing a unique modular assembly design.

With one mixer it is possible to configure a clamp-on, open tank or sealed mixer design. Designed for Dairy, Beverage, Oils, Prepared Foods and more.

Modular Design

Unique Modular Concept Features:

  • Sanitary all stainless steel design
  • Direct and gear options provide full range of shaft speeds
  • 50 Hz and 60 Hz
  • Simple, compact, CE, 3A clean design available
  • Economical
  • Multiple style impellers available

Mounting Types

Clamp Module (P)

  • Bolted onto base module
  • Clamps to vessel or stand
  • Adjustable mounting - controls vessel contents swirl for improved mixing